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  2. On May 17, 2018
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Chicago remains just as diverse, boasting a thriving arts scene, various shopping districts and a cornucopia of eateries. First-time Chi-Town visitors are sure to have their eyes to the sky for at least a day or two. Arrange your Chicago city sightseeing by our Chicago travel tips.

How to Save Money in Chicago?

Bundle up The weather outside may be frightful, but there are plenty of deals to be found during the winter months. Many hotels slash their rates, and cheap flights are easy to come by.

Head north Hotels in the Loop cater to business travelers staying on the company dime. For a more down-to-earth (and affordable) place to hang your hat, check out the bed-and-breakfasts in North Side neighborhoods like Lincoln Park and Lakeview.

Invest in an all-access pass The Chicago CityPASS and the Go Chicago Card grant access to Chi-Town's most popular attractions for one set price. This will help you shave big bucks off your entertainment expenses.

city sightseeing Chicago, Chicago Travel Tips

Culture & Customs

Chicago boasts its fair share of fine restaurants, but don't miss your chance to sample the regional fare. Chicagoans strongly believe that their pizza and hot dogs are better than those in New York City – you may simply want to agree rather than spark a debate. And when you're ordering a beverage, remember that in Chicago soda is called "pop."

Residents of Chicago are also dedicated to their sports teams. You should have no trouble finding a fellow fan of "da Bears" or "da Cubs" (phrases made famous by "Saturday Night Live") at one of the many sports bars scattered throughout Wrigleyville.

If you prefer performing arts to sports, The Reader and Time Out Chicago can point you to musical and theatrical performances taking place around the city. And don't forget to check out one of the city's famous comedy shows, which are offered regularly through local comedy groups like The Second City and UP Comedy Club.