Children's activities in Prague,Travel in Prague with Kids

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  2. On Dec 11, 2017
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Prague is really an all-year-round destination for a family break,but you have the added appeal of Christmas markets throughout December.Otherwise,spring or autumn are both very agreeable times for short breaks with the kids;summer trips in July and August are best avoided if you want to beat the crowds and the heat.Tips about the children's activities in Prague,travel in Prague with kids you may interested in.

Travel in Prague with Kids

The National Theatre

Idyllically perched on the banks of the River Vltava,Prague's National Theatre is a must-visit for lovers of the performing arts.Home to the country's top opera,ballet,and drama performances,the National Theater was opened in 1881 as a symbol of Czech national identity and to promote the Czech language and culture.Despite a somewhat checkered past that saw the building destroyed by fire and even closed by the communists,this stunning theater has undergone extensive renovations and stands as a monument to the city's rich talent and cultural significance.(English language guided tours are available).Anther Prague theater of note is the Estates Theatre(Stavovskédivaldo),built in the late 18th century in Neoclassical style and once a favorite of Mozart,who chose to premier Don Giovanni here.

Address:Národní2,110 00 Praha 1

Travel in Prague with Kids

The Dancing House

The Dancing House(Tančícídům),Prague's most outstanding modern architectural creation,was built between 1992 and 1996 to designs by Frank Gehry.Consisting of two adjoining towers,this splendid structure features unique curves that resemble two dancing figures,an effect heightened by the fact one of the towers is shaped like a woman wearing a skirt(hence the nickname,"Fred and Ginger"after famous American dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers).While the building consists largely of offices,great views can be enjoyed from the top floor restaurant(a caféis also located on the main level).

Address:Jiráskovo náměstí1981/6,120 00 Praha 2