Chicago tour attractions, Some places don't miss

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  2. On Mar 21, 2018
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Chicago travel guide by, Chicago tour attractions, some places don't miss. Even with all Chicago, Illinois, has to offer, sometimes it just feels right to get away for a day. Exploring a sleepy river town, fishing in a river surrounded by towering canyon walls, or answering the call of your inner history buff, can leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

What to do in Chicago?

Millennium Park: Chicago 2000

Designed in celebration of the year 2000, Millennium Park is a feat of urban planning most famous for Cloud Gate, A.K.A. The Bean. In the spirit of progressive design and fueled by the advent of a new millennium, the park is still ahead of its time with its focus on sustainability and accessibility. This makes it an awesome outing for all!

Chicago tour attractions

Art Institute of Chicago: Sunday in the Gallery with Art

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of America's oldest art museums. Visitors make pilgrimages here to see the colorful pointillist work of Georges Seurat, and masterpieces by Picasso. The sheer diversity of the collection is also thanks to the Institute's role as a conservation center and art school. This means cutting edge research, constant expansion, and a focus on reaching the public at its center.

Magnificent Mile: The Finer Things

The Magnificent Mile is Chicago's busiest pedestrian street and a haven for upscale window-shopping beneath some of America's tallest skyscrapers. Nicknamed the "Mag Mile" and running along Michigan Avenue, it is home to the Chicago Four Seasons and other excellent fine dining options. For a bird's eye view, the 360 CHICAGO observatory is on the 94th-floor of the John Hancock Building.