Arrange your Chicago to Yellowstone National Park trip by our Yellowstone National Park operating hours on the site.Every season in Yellowstone sees big changes to what’s happening in the park and what services are available for people to enjoy.July and August are the only months when all facilities,roads,and services are open.Every other month brings a mix of options as the park prepares for,settles into,and then digs out of winter.

Yellowstone National Park in Autumn:


Visitation:high to moderate

Services:full to limited

Access:all roads open(weather may cause temporary closures)

Suggested Activities:camping,hiking&backpacking(all areas),fishing,guided-trips,ranger-led programs,wildlife watching

Highlights:campgrounds begin to close for season,elk rut(Mammoth Hot Springs,Grant Village),black and grizzly bears(roadside meadows),raptor migration(Hayden Valley),fall color(above 7,000 feet),fewer mosquitos

Significant Dates:Mid-September-Boating services close for season on Yellowstone Lake

Chicago to Yellowstone National Park,Yellowstone National Park operating hours in Autumn


Visitation:moderate to low


Access:roads begin closing for winter season(and weather causes many temporary closures)

Suggested Activities:hiking&backpacking,fishing,ranger-led programs,wildlife watching

Highlights:bears return to lower elevations and are more visible along roads,elk rut(Mammoth Hot Springs,Grant Village),raptor migration(Hayden Valley),fall color(below 7,000 feet),snow begins to accumulate(above 7,000 feet)

Significant Dates:Mid-October-Dunraven pass closes,Beartooth Highway Closes(outside northeast entrance)




Access:winter travel restrictions for all areas except Mammoth to northeast entrance

Suggested Activities:hiking,wildlife watching

Highlights:bighorn sheep rut(north entrance),bison begin migrating to lower elevations,snow begins to accumulate(below 7,000 feet),wolves(Lamar Valley)

Significant Dates:Early November-interior roads close to vehicles,fishing season ends