Chicago city tour, What to explore in Chicago

  1. By kevin
  2. On Mar 21, 2018
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What to explore in Chicago? Art lovers can spend days wandering around the Art Institute of Chicago, music lovers can spend every evening listening to blues and jazz acts at historic venues like the Green Mill, while architecture fans can join guided tours of Downtown Chicago and see every Art Deco building the city has to offer. You can take the Chicago city tour to enjoy the scenes at the weekend or for a short holiday with your family there.

What to explore in Chicago?

Museum of Science and Industry: Revolutionary Industry

Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry is the most hands-on way to learn about the world's resources. They have gone above and beyond in their educational efforts: visitors can explore a full-size coal mine replica, check out a 3,500 square foot model railroad, and come face to face with the original Apollo 8 Spacecraft that bore the first humans in orbit around the moon.

Chicago city tour

Wrigley Field: Go Cubs

Wrigley Field, named after the all-American chewing gum of the 20th-century penny-candy era, was opened in 1914. Maintaining an air of maturity, this baseball park is one of the two oldest in the nation and home to the Chicago Cubs. With a weathered facade, a hand-operated scoreboard, and outfield walls covered in iconic ivy, Wrigley Field could not be more traditionally delightful.

Kimpton The Gray

Think of Kimpton Gray Hotel like a perfectly bespoke suit from London’s Savile Row — beautiful bold and with no detail out of place. Clad in marble and terra-cotta The Kimpton Gray has been a tastemaker for more than a century first as an office building and now as an elevated-experience hotel. When the 9-to-5 day is done in the Financial District those in the know flock to the on-site restaurants - Volume 39 a law library-themed bar and Boleo an Argentinean-inspired rooftop lounge.