To choose the cheapest Europe tour package and begin your first trip in Europe with us. Some of travelers know that even the most expensive cities have room to economize, and that if you’re willing to sacrifice a little comfort and convenience, Europe doesn’t have to break the bank.

Transport on a Budget

The slowest forms of transport are usually the cheapest, and in Europe, hitchhiking is a common way to find a free ride. There are also ride share websites where someone is already planning a trip, and you can buy the free seats in their car. But if your mother warned you off jumping into cars with strangers, you can use a search engine like GoEuro to find the cheapest fares on buses, trains and flights.

Flying means you can travel almost anywhere within Europe within 1-3 hours starting from $10. However no frills airlines like Easyjet and Ryanair are very strict about carry-on and checked luggage weight / size, and charge hefty excess fees if you’re even the slightest bit over.

Buses are a cost effective way to travel throughout Europe, however train travel is more comfortable and prompt, and usually a much cheaper alternative to flights. Trains connect every major European city, and most countries have a national service which links you to destinations domestically.

Our site is one of the websites for cheap transport as it displays all transportation options for getting from Place A to Place B. Search results display how much each option will cost, and how long each journey will take. This is particularly useful for those who want to weigh up the convenience of a flight over the cost of the ticket for a bus or train.

Eating on a Budget

Eating in restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner can break your budget quickly, and underestimating food costs can greatly increase the overall spend of your trip.

If you do choose eat in restaurants, avoid those which are closest to main tourist attractions and look for those frequented by locals. The cost will always be lower, and you’ll find the cuisine will often be more authentic. Also note that in some parts of Europe you’re charged extra to sit at a table.