Challenges Visiting Lisbon with Children

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 29, 2017
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Lisbon is a fantastic destination for families who are looking for a city break within Europe.Families who visit Lisbon will discover that the city is great for children and has a wide selection of suitable sights and activities.Challenges visiting Lisbon with children you should to know before your Lisben vacations.


Igreja-Museu São Roque:A Simple Church With a Richly Decorated Interior

The church and museum of São Roque in Bairro Alto combine to offer an absorbing cultural experience-each complements the other.Founded in the late 16th century by the Jesuit Order,São Roque's bland and unassuming Renaissance façade belies a sumptuous interior,one of the most impressive of all Lisbon's religious sites.Richly embellished with marble,azulejos,and gilded woodwork,the church is celebrated for its series of side chapels,one of which,the Capela de São João Baptista,simply dazzles the onlooker with its ornate decoration.

Commissioned by King João V in 1742,Italian architects Luigi Vanvitelli and Nicola Salvi created a veritable jewel box,built in Rome and shipped all the way back to Lisbon.Adorned with amethyst,lapis lazuli,precious marbles,and inlaid with gold,silver,and ivory,the chapel's centerpiece is the intricate mosaic The Baptism of Christ by Mattia Moretti completed in 1750.Another chapel,the Capela de São Roque,features the oldest and most striking azulejos,signed by Francisco de Matos and dated 1584.Above all this is a majestic ceiling-the only example in Lisbon of a painted ceiling from the Mannerist period.The adjacent museum houses sacred art and the most valuable treasures of the church,including those from the Chapel of St.John.A highlight is the Shrine to São Roque,a series of early 16th-century panels illustrating the life of the saint.But spend time,too,seeking out exquisite individual pieces like the reliquary casket of Saint Francis Xavier made in Goa in 1686 from pierced silver.The ensemble of 18th-century vestments,resplendent in silk and gold embroidery,is a rare collection.

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