From luxury getaways to backcountry adventures, statewide round-ups to extraordinary personal experiences and every nook and cranny in between. The time to start dreaming about your California Coast journey begins here. Join the California Coast tours from San Francisco to Los Angeles for a short holiday, and top 5 places to get a donut in Los Angeles as below.

Primo's Donuts

This might be my all-time favorite donut shop in all of LA. Their buttermilk bars are the best donut I have ever had point blank period, perfect texture crispy outside and a fluffy, decadent and thick buttermilk center. Try them hot when they just come out of the fryer and you will think you have died and gone to donut heaven! I also love their cinnamon crumb donuts here as well.

California Coast tours from San Francisco to Los Angeles, 5 Places to Get a Donut in Los Angeles

Cofax Cofee

My friend pastry chef extraordinaire Nicole Rucker makes some of the best donuts in the city including a Compartés chocolate donut made with our signature chocolate, Oreo cookie donuts, and more my favorite here might be the honey and sea salt donut, but every single thing Nicole makes is amazing. Flavors change constantly and if you go in for a donut, there is a bonus breakfast burrito that is seriously out of this world!

Stan's Doughnuts Westwood

My favorites here include the peanut butter filled donut, peanut butter banana donut, the pretzel donut and the apple fritters which are some of the best I have ever had! On the weekends they feature an even larger selection of donuts and I love being able to see them making it right there in the window!

Randy's Donuts

This donut shop boasts the infamous huge donut that you see in many movies filmed around LA and you can see it when you drive to and from the LAX airport, so I always like to make a pit stop when picking up someone from out of town. They have a drive through which makes your donut binging even easier! I love the maple donuts here as well as the bear claws but they have a great large variety.

Bob's Coffee & Doughnuts

This local staple at the farmers market by The Grove makes a great traditional donut, I love the people watching at this spot and grabbing a donut before a movie at the Grove. They have a huge selection of donuts and ice cold milk which is the perfect pairing! Another great LA staple donut shop with great classic flavors and that old time feel.