Calgary to Banff tours,Planning a Summer Trip

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  2. On Feb 26, 2018
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Planning a summer trip in this season,and book the Calgary to Banff tours with discount price on the website.The vast majority of travellers are admissible to Canada.However,before you buy a non-refundable air ticket,it might be worth mentioning that there are some circumstances in which people,for example those with criminal convictions,are barred from entering Canada.

Weather and When to go to the Banff

Figure out the time of year at which to travel to the area.The latter half of June and the month of September are excellent times to go.The mountain lakes are thawed,so you get to see them at their turquoise best.Yet the mountains are not as crowded as they are in July and August.

An advantage of the latter half of June is that the number of daylight hours is at its peak.

The autumn colours are at their best in mid–late September in Banff National Park and in early October in Jasper National Park.Be aware that lake cruises,some gondola rides,and some side roads are closed after Canadian Thanksgiving(second Monday of October).

Do not despair if you are forced to visit in July and August.Although the mountain resort towns and popular scenic lookout points are more crowded then,you’d be amazed how quiet things can be if you walk just a few yards into the forest.

Which is the best base for exploration?

In drawing up your itinerary,you may be puzzled as to whether you should stay in.


Banff townsite

Lake Louise


Jasper townsite

Public Holidays

Check if your trip will coincide with any public holidays.In the summer and fall of 2007,holidays in Alberta and British Columbia fall on.

May 21st-Victoria Day

July 2nd-in lieu of Canada Day which falls on Sunday,July 1st

August 6th-Heritage Day in Alberta,British Columbia Day in BC

September 3rd-Labour Day

October 8th-Canadian Thanksgiving

Downtown Calgary shuts down for the Stampede Parade on the morning of Friday,July 6th.