bus trip to New York city,New York sightseeing in Summer

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  2. On Mar 20, 2018
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Schedule your New York sightseeing in Summer,or you can choose bus trip to New York city is a easy way.And some indoor activities in Summer in New York may suit for you and your friends,as the local people to enjoy the commom life there.

Indoor activities in Summer in New York

Head to a Bar with Games

New York City's nightlife isn't all about lounges and dance clubs—there are plenty of places that combine fun and games with a booming soundtrack and some adult beverages.Brooklyn Bowl,in Williamsburg,is exhibit A.The bowling alley serves food from Blue Ribbon and also hosts live music from locals and big touring acts(Guns N'Roses and Robert Plant have even played there;Questlove,from the Roots and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,deejays regularly on Thursday nights).Down in Brooklyn's Gowanus neighborhood,Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club matches the favorite game of Love Boat cruisegoers with tropical cocktails,rotating food trucks and an occasional pop-up restaurant.Other places to find fun,games and libations include Barcade—a bar jammed with classic arcade games—which has locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan;Spin,a sometimes-raucous table-tennis nightclub;and the Skee-Ball-obsessed Full Circle Bar.Check out this slideshow for even more ideas.

bus trip to New York city

See the United Nations

Many New Yorkers haven’t even been to the UN,so you'd have one up on the natives if you did.If you are a New Yorker,when’s the last time you visited?Tickets are required for a weekday visit(and include a guided tour),but you can purchase them with relatively short notice.On weekends the visitor center is usually open to walk-ups,but there are no guided tours.

Ride the Staten Island Ferry

OK,so it's not necessarily indoor-indoor,but you can escape the elements for a while below decks on the Staten Island Ferry.Step out on a port-or starboard-side deck to get Statue of Liberty views and imagine yourself a grizzled seafarer for a minute before ducking back inside and grabbing one of the ferry's famously underpriced beers.

bus trip to New York city

Visit Grand Central Terminal

Go wander about Grand Central,one of New York City's landmark buildings.Take a self-guided audio tour or a 75-minute circuit led by one of the transit hub's expert docents.There are several food options on the lower level's Dining Concourse,including the classic Oyster Bar,with its beautiful Guastavino-tile architecture.Fancy a cocktail?Try The Campbell,formerly the private office and saloon of 1920s tycoon John W.Campbell.There's even a secret or two waiting for you to discover.

Explore Radio City Music Hall

Did you know there's a lavish apartment inside Radio City?So pleased were the Rockefellers with impresario Samuel"Roxy"Rothafe's productions at Radio City that they gave him his own place to live—on premises.Here are 10 more things we learned about Radio City on the Stage Door tour.