Bus Tours From Rome Things you must Know Before your Vacation

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 16, 2018
  3. Europe
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Trying to stay inconspicuous as a tourist in Rome is impossible — you’ll give yourself away with your mannerisms alone. No need to draw more attention by getting caught making classic tourist mistakes! To find the right bus tours from Rome on the site nowdays.

Don’t count on WiFi

The internet is spotty around Rome and even hotels, cafes and restaurants that advertise free WiFi can’t always guarantee coverage. Consider signing up for an international coverage plan while you’re in the city or bringing a portable hotspot with you if you need it to get around or for work. Note that coffee shops with WiFi are also few and far between, although there are a few around the city (Barnum Café and Analemma are two of the most popular spots for freelancers).

Dinner starts late

Drinking and dining are important rituals in Italy and meals tend to start later than normal (and last for longer) than in other countries. In the evenings, Italians usually meet friends or colleagues for an aperitivo around 7pm, which consists of a drink and some light snacks, before going to dinner around 8-9pm. On the weekends, it’s not uncommon to arrive to a restaurant around 10pm.

Relish the simplicity of Italian cooking

Italian food is beloved throughout the world for its simple, nutritious and delicious ingredients, but you may feel like something is missing. There are no fancy condiments at the table, no complicated sauces and few foreign ingredients. In Italy, simplicity reigns supreme, so enjoy your meal the way it was meant to be tasted: without asking for alterations or extra ingredients.

If you need vegetables, look under the “Contorni”

With pizza, pasta and pastries around every corner, Italy is a veritable carb-lover’s paradise; but sometimes you need a break from starchy foods. Italians are masters at preparing vegetables, too, so get your fix of sautéed greens and braised Roman artichokes under the “Contorni”, or side dish, portion of the menu—usually listed in the back. Although large mixed salads haven’t really caught on in the city, you can order a few side dishes at once if you’re trying to eat healthy in Rome.