bus tours from Los Angeles,All You Need to Know Before You Go

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  2. On Mar 13, 2018
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Take the bus tours from Los Angeles,you're going to love Los Angeles,If you love sunshine,showbiz,and shopping,Los Angeles is an unbeatable destination.The City of Angels has a unique appeal thanks to its superb climate,sandy beaches,and movie-making history.We talk about the travel tips about the Los Angeles,and information all you need to know before you go.

bus tours from Los Angeles

Shopping in Los Angeles

Shopping Streets

Los Angeles tends to be cheaper than most large American cities.You’ll probably pay around$20-30 for a medium-range meal,$4.00 for a cappuccino coffee or around$50 for a pair of jeans.There are also plenty of great places to shop for souvenirs and bargains.Beverly Boulevard is packed with boutique clothing,fragrance and furniture stores,with big fashion names like Stella McCartney and Erica Courtney.For works of art and crafts,visit La Brea Avenue.The ornaments at Mortise and Tenon will excite interior design fans,and La Brea Bakery is a wonderful spot to break up your shopping with a snack.Celebrities love to hit the stores on Robertson Boulevard where you’ll find boutiques like Lisa Kline and Kitson.But for the height of LA fashion,head to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills,where fans of high-end labels like Missoni,Dolce and Gabbana,and Louis Vuitton hang out.

Groceries and Other

Los Angeles has plenty of department stores like J.C.Penney,Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue as well as supermarkets like Ralph’s,Wal-Mart,Albertson’s and Safeway.There are also 7-Eleven convenience stores on every street,so finding places to shop for groceries shouldn’t be hard.

bus tours from Los Angeles

Where to Eat in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has a constantly evolving dining scene,with superb chefs from every corner of the world.For great Thai,head to Jitlada(5233 Sunset Blvd)or Ruen Pair(5257 Hollywood Blvd).Crown of India is a fantastic Indian option near the coast(6755 Santa Monica Blvd),Sushi Komasa serves up fine Japanese cuisine(351 E 2nd St),and Angelini Osteria is an excellent Italian eatery(7313 Beverly Blvd).For an authentic American diner experience,head to Nickel Diner(524 S Main St)while for a budget meal that has gourmet appeal,try the Middle Eastern dishes available from the Halal Guys(3432 Wilshire Blvd).Foodies should also head to Grand Central Market(317 S Broadway),which hosts farmers’markets,bars and restaurants.