bus tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon,Which Rim Should You Visit?

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  2. On Jul 16, 2018
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Which Rim should you visit during the Grand Canyon trip?Find the best tours by our travel tips on the site,and book the bus tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon with deals nowdays.It's the question most asked at the outset of Grand Canyon vacation planning:Which rim should I visit?Without knowing anything about your travel plans,personality,budget or time table,we recommend the South Rim.Hands down,the South Rim is THE place to visit at the Grand Canyon.

It's often described as"the real Grand Canyon"and it's the part of the National Park that you've undoubtedly seen in movies,photographs and magazines.Truth be told,we might recommend the South Rim even if we DID know your travel plans,personality,budget and time table,but since we can't get to know all 5+million visitors the Grand Canyon attracts each year,we've put together this handy comparison chart of the South,West and North Rims side by side.


The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is open year-round.The North Rim is only open mid-May through mid-October each year.So if you're coming to the Grand Canyon between October 15 and May 15(fall,winter and spring)plan on visiting the South Rim.

If your travel dates are October 1-14 or May 16-31 and you want to visit the North Rim,we highly recommend you phone the National Park Service within days of your travel to ensure that the North Rim will be open;seasonal weather can close the park early in the fall or delay opening in the spring.Call the National Park Service's Grand Canyon General Visitor Information Line:(928)638-7888

bus tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon,Which Rim Should You Visit?


If you're starting from Las Vegas,it probably makes the most sense to see the South Rim.Under a 5 hour drive(274 miles)from the glittering desert oasis lies the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park and dozens and dozens of tour options.

On the other hand,if your trip will originate from Phoenix,Flagstaff,Sedona or another Arizona city,you can choose the South Rim or the North Rim.The South Rim will probably be a shorter drive by several hours and hundreds of miles,and is the most visited spot at the Grand Canyon,so you may choose to follow the crowds and enjoy the views at the South Rim.