Bus Tours France To Explore the France

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 31, 2018
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Do you want the north of France which has more than its fair share of historic sites, abbeys and castles as well as the fascinating history around World War I and World War II? Visit the France with our bus tours France.

To explore the France

Do explore the iconic Eiffel Tower

You’ve never really gone to France until you’ve paid the iconic and world famous Eiffel Tower a visit. For tourists, it is some sort of ritual, an unspoken rule that you should do as proof that you’ve indeed stepped foot in Paris. Don’t just settle with looking at this gorgeous structure from afar or from your hotel room. Nothing compares to the sensation of reaching the pinnacle of this tower.

Explore it by going up to the top by taking the lifts or stairs. All in all there are three lifts, and they are located in the North, East and West pillars which will take you up 15 m high. If you really want to go to the very top at 275 m, you need to change lifts at the second floor. In case you’re up for some serious exploring, take the stairs. This way, you’ll experience the tower in every angle and view.

And in the spirit of today’s selfie generation, you should take advantage of the opportunity TO take a photo. When you get home, just show your family and friends the photo. Words are no longer needed because the photo will speak for itself.

Do ride the metro at night and take the bus occasionally

Another must-do in France is to take a ride on the metro ideally at night when the views are majestic and the city is sparkling with its lights. It is also one of the best ways to feel like a local. Just remember that the metro does not run 24/7. So if you’re planning some late night travelling which necessitates riding the train in the wee hours, better check the schedule first.

Aside from minding the schedule, you should also remember to hold on to your ticket until the exit station. Losing your train ticket will prompt the Metro Police to fine you ü35 on the spot. Not good!

When you’re not riding the metro, you should try the bus, too. It’s less crowded than the metro and it provides just as endearing scenic views while on the road. Bus stops are pretty much all around the city so you might as well try it to feel and look more local.