Bus tour to Yosemite,Plan Your Trip to Yosemite

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jan 16, 2018
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As the hub and undisputed gem of Yosemite National Park,Yosemite Valley is a treasure trove of photographic opportunities:granite precipices and cliffs create sharp contrasts against the lush and fertile land of the valley floor.Our bus tour to Yosemite tips may help you plan your trip to Yosemite.

Plan Your Trip to Yosemite

Yosemite Valley is located in the western Sierra Nevada mountains in California.Getting there is easy--year round access to Yosemite Valley is available from Highways 41,140 and 120 though chains may be required in the winter.Public transportation is available through Amtrak and Greyhound;free shuttle is provided in eastern Yosemite Valley,in the summer,as far west as El Capitan.

Yosemite Hiking Excursion

Outdoor enthusiasts of every fitness and experience level can enjoy this amazing Yosemite hiking excursion.Choose from a beginner,intermediate,moderate.These introductory hikes are perfect for beginners and those looking for a calmer,slower,less rigorous experience.Enjoy a pleasant walk along a gentle trail in Yosemite Valley or High Country,offering excellent photo opportunities and a chance to picnic atop a scenic lookout point or alongside a meadow,lake or stream.