bus tour to Grand Canyon from Phoenix,What to wear during the Grand Canyon

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Your guide for travel tips,stories and trip ideas from American West tour experts,information about what to wear during the Grand Canyon.With hundreds of years of guiding experience,our touring professionals provide the best local recommendations to help you plan your trip to the Grand Canyon or anywhere else in the Southwest USA.To find the right the bus tour to Grand Canyon from Phoenix on the website.

What's the Best Time of Year to Hike the Grand Canyon?

The Temperate Months

If possible,plan to hike the Grand Canyon during October,November,and April,when weather is about as close to ideal as you can get in the Canyon.Temperatures on the rim and within the inner gorge are moderate.Precipitation is minimal.

Note:Blue indicates a month in which the average minimum temperature is 30 deg F or less.Green indicates a month in which average monthly precipitation is 2 inches or greater.

Inner Gorge temperatures in December through March are also very pleasant.Yet,be aware that snow and ice are likely near the rim November through February.Snow can obscure the trail.Ice can make hiking very treacherous.Pack instep crampons if you hike during these months.

bus tour to Grand Canyon from Phoenix,What to wear during the Grand Canyon

Hiking from the warm inner gorge to the cool rim is a fine recipe for hypothermia.Make sure you stay hydrated,eat frequently,and adjust your clothing frequently when climbing out.Be especially vigilant when you stop for a break.Sweat soaked clothing can yield rapid chill and possible hypothermia.

Danger Months

Do not consider hiking the Grand Canyon during the Danger Months of May through September.Look at the average daily maximum temperature in the inner gorge to see why.Not convinced?Consider the fate of this experienced Grand Canyon hiker.Hike during the Danger Months months only if you have considerable desert hiking experience and are desert acclimatized.

Note:Red indicates a month in which the average maximum temperature is 90 deg F or greater.Hike with extreme caution.Green indicates average monthly precipitation of 2 inches or greater.

What to wear during the Grand Canyon?

Use clothing to protect your body from the dry atmosphere,harsh sunlight,and high temperatures in the summer.In the cool months,clothing provides protection from the sun and from the cool temperatures.Proper attire can make a big difference in your comfort when hiking the Grand Canyon.Consider these recommendations as you prepare for your trip.

A light colored long sleeved shirt will reflect the hot sunlight and significantly reduce the amount of heat your body has to deal with.Less heat,less cooling,less water lost.We've had good success with shirts made of Supplex.Yes,a long sleeved shirt is often cooler than a short sleeve shirt.

In cooler months,augment the shirt with a synthetic wicking under layer.I prefer a long-sleeved top with a zipper neck.The neck zipper makes it more useful across a broader range of temperatures.Simply zip or unzip the neck to accommodate changing temperature levels.

A 200 weight full-zip fleece sweater provides welcome warmth in the cooler months.Fleece is relatively light and dries fast.A fleece sweater also makes a great pillow.