bus tour to Antelope, Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon

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  2. On Apr 17, 2018
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The best time to visit Antelope Canyon, depends on exactly what you’re trying to find: Capturing the fantastic light beams during peak season or experience solitude throughout off season in Lower Antelope Canyon? Or you can just easily choose the bus tour to Antelope on website with discount.

Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon: Tours

Since the lovely canyon is located on the Navajo land of Page, it is required that you pay an $8 cost to enter the land along with take a tour. It is definitely prohibited to take this tour without a guide or trip operator.

After researching all of our options, we chose the Dixie Ellis Tours located right next to Ken’s Tours. We found out that Dixie provides more additionals (like a real Navajo musical efficiency and cold water after the tour) whereas Ken’s can occasionally skimp on these extras.

Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon

After the $8, you are needed to pay a various price for your tour. Research various tourist guide that match your budget and exactly what you anticipate from your visit to Antelope Canyon.

But I can’t say adequate about Dixie Ellis!

Our guide helped us take images (despite the truth that we paid for a more economical Walking Tour for $20 per person), offered us with details, security and was pretty amusing!

How Do I Take the very best Pictures?

Unfortunately, I overstated my photo-taking ability.

I believed my abilities were great enough for point-and-shoots throughout our Strolling Trip. While we had a terrific camera, we brought the incorrect lens so we dealt with my iPhone 6 Plus to catch the canyon. I ‘d state we passed with a C-.

Had we scheduled the more costly photography trip (approx. $40 per person), I would have had more direction, more time to take photos with less individuals present and a much better experience instead of shuffling with a hundred other tourists.