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  2. On Mar 20, 2018
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Take your bus tour New York for a holiday in Summer?We prepared the New York Summer travel tips for you now.We've got ideas aplenty on how to take advantage of NYC culture,recreation and food while keeping dry on a rainy or snowy day—or staying cool during hot spell.For our quick list,read on.

Things to do in New York

Go to a Museum

Hmm,if only New York City were home to a mind-boggling line-up of world-class museums and institutions.Because if it were,we suppose you could spend all day dry and cozy inside admiring masterpieces of art and design or marveling at the wonders of the natural world.And if only some of them were to offer free admission at times…

bus tour New York

Go Shopping

NYC has some of the best shopping in the world.Thankfully,there's a lot of it to be done in large,dry,comfortable locations throughout the City.Try Bergdorf Goodman,Bloomingdale's and Macy's Herald Square for the classic department-store treatment and Brookfield Place and the Shops at Columbus Circle for collections of retail shops.

Hit a Bucket of Golf Balls at Chelsea Piers

The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers features a multitiered,year-round outdoor driving range whose 52 hitting stalls are heated and weather protected.

Just Go to Chelsea Piers

In addition to the Golf Club,Chelsea Piers offers a variety of drop-in activities that don't require membership—ice-skating and bowling among them.

bus tour New York

Go to a Movie

Even a trip to the cinema in New York City is different than in most cities.Indie theaters like the Angelika Film Center and the Landmark Sunshine Cinema,for example,screen the kind of nonmainstream fare(documentaries,foreign films and such)that you'd be unlikely to find in a typical multiplex.The same goes for the movie theater at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.If you'd like to combine dinner and a movie,you should try Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg.There,waiters will serve you at tables propped up right in front of your plush theater seat(you place your orders by marking a small piece of paper with a golf pencil).Finally,those fascinated by the history of film can hop the train to Astoria,Queens,home of the Museum of the Moving Image.There are more film-and-TV artifacts here than at any other institution,and it also hosts a steady stream of screenings and public programs.

Watch TV at the Paley Center for Media

If you're interested in television,radio,the Internet and other digital technologies—and their impact on society and culture—the Paley Center is the place for you.In addition to a public library of more than 160,000 TV and radio shows and commercials,the center hosts occasional screenings of classic episodes and films,often focused on special topics—say,presidential campaign ads or an Orson Welles'centennial.It's a thinking couch-potato's paradise.