bus tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles,Plan Your Trip ‎to Los Angeles

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Los Angeles isn’t always thought of as a family destination,but it should be.Kids will love getting to know the characters and experiencing the rides at Disneyland and so on.Plan your trip‎to Los Angeles for a holiday,or you can book a bus tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles with discount price on the website now.

bus tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles

How to Get to Los Angeles?Los Angeles Transportation:


Los Angeles has five commercial airports within a short distance,but the major entry point for visitors is Los Angeles International(LAX).When you touch down,the best way to reach the city center is via the LAX FlyAway bus link which runs to Hollywood,Union Station,and Santa Monica and costs$8.You can also catch the LA Metro from nearby Aviation Boulevard.To get to the center take the Green Line to Willow Brook and change onto the Blue Line towards 7th Street/Metro Center.If you need to take a taxi,expect it to cost around$75 and to take half an hour outside of rush hour.

If you land at Burbank,Bob Hope Airport,LA/Ontario,or Long Beach Airport,the best option is to book a cab or rent a car at the airport as there are very few bus or Metro connections.


Los Angeles’Amtrak station is Union Station(800 N.Alameda St)and offers a wide range of connections to other U.S.cities.Services stopping at Union Station include the Coast Starlight(which runs north to Seattle and San Francisco),the Southwest Chief(to Kansas City and Chicago),and the Sunset Limited(to San Antonio and New Orleans).MetroLink also operates a commuter train service that links the city to nearby towns like San Bernardino and Oceanside.

bus tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles


Los Angeles is famous as a city of highways,and getting there by road is easy.If you are coming from the east,take I-10,while I-5 connects LA to San Francisco to the north and San Diego to the south.I-15 links the city to Las Vegas,while Route 101 runs along the California coast.


Greyhound runs buses into the LA terminal at 1716 East 7th Street.However,the terminal is next door to Skid Row,a potentially dangerous neighborhood,so it may be wise to use Greyhound’s other bus terminals in the city.There are alternative stops in North Hollywood(11239 Magnolia Boulevard)and El Monte(3501 North Santa Anita Ave),which provide good access to city center hotels.

Other bus services include:

Bolt Bus–Stops at Union Station and link LA to Las Vegas,Bairstow,Oakland,San Francisco and San Jose.

El Paso-Los Angeles Limousine Express–stops at 260 E 6th St and connects Los Angeles to Phoenix and El Paso.

Megabus–Runs buses into Union Station from Las Vegas,Oakland,San Jose,and San Francisco,with onward connections to most American cities.