Like every long weekend and holiday in Niagara Falls,you can expect it to be busy with locals and tourists alike.To book the bus tour from New York to Niagara Falls on the site with deals nowdays.The Canada Day long weekend will be no exception,and with the temperatures projected to be hot and sunny, will be a popular destination for families.

With the majestic Niagara Falls as the biggest draw,complete with the long weekend fireworks at Queen Victoria Park,people are going to want to park their vehicles as close as possible to the festivities.You will also want to be near family fun attractions,and to the falls.Due to this,parking on Clifton Hill is your best option for long weekend parking in Niagara Falls.

In order to keep the traffic flowing,we encourage you to park close-by in our newly expanded Clifton Hill parking lot.We are right off Clifton Hill;the place you need to be for fun Niagara Falls attractions.We are also central in that access to the falls is just at the bottom of Clifton Hill(it takes you right to Queen Victoria Park),and we are beside the Skylon Tower and Fallsview Boulevard.

bus tour from New York to Niagara Falls,enjoy weekend and holiday With the majestic Niagara Falls

**On Sunday,July 1st(Canada Day),there will be closures on the Niagara Parkway from the bottom of Clifton Hill to Fraser Hill beginning at 6:30 pm.This will also include a closure of Murray Street at Warren Avenue.The Niagara Parkway will be expected to reopen at 11:00 pm.*Please note that the Niagara Parkway could close earlier by the police to ensure guest safety.We recommend that you park here during the road closures for fast and easy access to the Queen Victoria Park festivities.**

We have 2 ways in and 3 ways out.Access into our lot is available from,and there is additionally access in and out on Victoria Avenue.You may also leave out of our Robinson Street exit,however there is no entry to our lot through there.

Below you will see a map that will direct you out of our lot FASTER,avoiding the hot spot traffic areas that may back you up(hint:take the side streets!).

Assuming that you will be arriving via QEW Niagara and leaving via access to QEW Toronto,or back into the states,these arrows point you to the 420 which leads you to the QEW.Print this map out and follow these side streets to get out of our lot quicker.