We talk about what you need to Know before your Chicago travel. "It is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago – she outgrows his prophecies faster than he can make them," wrote Mark Twain in "Life on the Mississippi." Although Twain made up his mind about the Windy City before it even reached its 50th year, his impression of Chicago has proven long-lasting. Book the bus tour from Chicago to New York on the website now.

What You Need to Know before your Chicago travel?

Winter is no walk in the park

Winter temperatures in the teens and 20s are made worse by biting wind chills. Come prepared with a warm hat, a reliable pair of gloves, a thick coat and sturdy boots if you're visiting during this season.

You don't need wheels

Forget the car: Chicago's extensive public transportation system is a much better (and easier) way to get around.

bus tour from Chicago to New York, What You Need to Know before your Chicago travel

You've got a lot to see

So schedule wisely. Group the things you want to do by neighborhood to avoid wasting time in transit.


As you would in any big city, exercise caution when you're out and about. Keep your valuables with you at all times. Make sure to have a clear sense of your surroundings when traveling after dark, and avoid walking alone as much as possible. Neighborhoods in the South and West sides are prone to gun violence and are best avoided, especially after dark.

Keep in mind that the White Sox stadium is located in the South Side, but visitors coming to games should consider using the L, which makes a stop right outside the stadium. Neighborhoods like South Loop, Kenwood and Hyde Park are not as affected as areas west of Lake Michigan (where poverty is more prevalent), but it's still best to stay alert at all times.