bus to Washington DC from Philadelphia,Plan you trip to Washington DC

  1. By kevin
  2. On Mar 21, 2018
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Plan you trip to Washington DC,to explore Washington DC’s top landmarks and monuments on a 3-or 6-hour tour by deluxe coach with full narration from an expert guide throughout the tour,or just take the bus to Washington DC from Philadelphia and just look around the city also a good choose.Stop at the White House,Martin Luther King Jr Memorial,US Capitol Building,Lincoln Memorial,Vietnam Veterans Memorial,FDR Memorial,Marine Corps War Memorial(Iwo Jima Memorial)and more.

Top activities in Washington:

Georgetown:Historic Georgetown

The charming neighborhood of Georgetown is known for its historic 18th and 19th-century houses and quaint cobblestone streets.Nestled along the Potomac River,this popular area is beloved for trendy shopping opportunities,gourmet experiences and a slew of R&R activities along the waterfront.There is something for everyone in Georgetown!

Holocaust Museum:A National Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial Museum is an institution that has reached millions with messages of tolerance and anti-genocide since it opened its moving halls in 1993.The collection and architecture work together to create a reflective and educational experience for visitors.With museum-goers hailing from a constellation of backgrounds and nationalities,it is a personal experience for all.

Superb Sporting Attractions

Sports fans can also find something to love when they visit Washington D.C.There's NFL action when the Redskins are in town,while the Nationals compete in Major League Baseball,the Wizards play in the NBA and the Capitals in the NHL-so every major sport is covered.