bus from Amsterdam to Paris,travel around the Amsterdam&Paris

  1. By kevin
  2. On Aug 9, 2018
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We continued on our two week European vacation to our next stop in Amsterdam,and take the train and bus from Amsterdam to Paris.We both really wanted to ride a train while in Europe and it was so much fun.I somehow found a really good deal on first class seats for cheaper than regular seats.Included with our tickets was lunch,snacks,and alcohol for the length of the entire trip(3 hours)!So by the time we arrived in Amsterdam all the signs looked like complete gibberish to me.(Not that I could really make out Dutch anyway…)We stayed in another AirBNB in the City Center/Amstel River area.

bus from Amsterdam to Paris,travel around the Amsterdam&Paris

We spent 3 days to have the sightseeing in deepth in Amsterdam,and the most interested places and experience shared with you as below:

Day 1

We arrived in Amsterdam in the late afternoon,so we went out for drinks and dinner at a local restaurant after getting settled in at our AirBNB.After dinner we walked around the city streets(Amsterdam is beautiful!)and took some pictures.Then we called it an early night because we were kind of tired from the previous 6 days of being crazy busy.

The locals are super friendly and welcoming.All the locals I interacted with were fluent in English and Dutch.It made getting around the city extremely easy.The city is easy enough to walk around.I don’t think we used much public transportation,aside from getting to and from the train station/airport via the metro.Bikes are everywhere in the city,so that would definitely be a good choice,I’m just not much of a bike rider.

Day 2

Technically our first full day in Amsterdam,and we ended up spending the first half of it in Lisse at the Keukenhof Gardens.Our trip happened to fall during the short time frame that the tulips are in bloom.Keunkenhof Gardens is one of the world’s largest flower gardens.It was a truly unique experience.I’ll have to write another post about our time here,and to share more pictures.Lisse is about an hour away,so it was also nice to view the Netherlands outside of the city.It’s a very beautiful country.

We got back in the city late afternoon and went to grab some dinner at Pasta Pasta,which was very good.We checked out the Red Light District afterwards.It was weird.Basically,there are doors that you can see through with a lady standing on the other side of each door.There are streets and streets of the doors.And tourists walk down the streets and look at them.

Day 3

We started off the day by going to the Anne Frank museum.The lines were LONG.We waited for at least an hour to get in.You can purchase tickets online,which we should’ve done,but we hadn’t made up our mind before we left for our trip.Anyway,it was a very interesting piece of history.You basically walk through this empty home and listen to parts of Anne’s diary.I’m not sure if it would be worth it for everyone,but we opted to go to this museum instead of another one in Amsterdam because it’s unique to the city.

We spent the afternoon walking around the city and looking in local shops.It’s such a beautiful city and very enjoyable to walk around.I’m pretty sure we ate a burger joint for dinner,but I can’t remember the name of it.Everything we ate was so good,though.