Budget Your Europe Trip Planning Your Trip In Europe

  1. By John
  2. On Sep 30, 2018
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Budget your Europe trip and schedule your travel in Europe, such as Amsterdam, Brussels & Paris. On this itinerary, three cities are connected with short train rides. Travel time is low which means you have plenty of time to explore these three cities. If you are planning to travel to Europe in April, this itinerary gets our vote. In April, the bulbs are blooming in The Netherlands and it is a sight to see!

Assemble your travel documents

All countries in Europe require travelers to have a valid passport– no matter your country of origin. If you don't have a passport or your passport has expired, it can take between 4-6 weeks to receive one from your time of application. Some countries have rush or emergency passport services; however, this service can be quite expensive so it's best to take care of all of your documentation as far ahead of time as possible. Travelers who have a valid passport should check the expiry date before they purchase any flights as some countries can deny you entry if it expires within 6 months of when you arrive.

If you're planning on renting a car while in Europe be sure to have a valid driver's license. Some car rental companies also require travelers to have an international driver's license in addition to their driver's license from their country of origin. International driver's licenses can be obtained through the American Auto Association (AAA) in the United States and the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) in Canada.

Most foreign nationals (American and Canadian travelers included) require a travel visa as well as a valid passport to visit Russia. Receiving a Russian traveler's visa is a complicated process which can take weeks to complete. Be sure to plan ahead and get your documentation in order if you're planning on visiting Russia while on your Europe trip.

What time of year do you want to travel to Europe?

Decide on the best time of year for you to travel to Europe. Several factors can help guide you in when it comes to setting a travel date. For most travelers, time and money are the biggest constraints. Planning your trip early in advance will help you find some bargains and cheaper flights to Europe. After having a thorough look at your calendar, and a look at the balance on your bank account, reevaluate your options.

Think about what you want to do during your Europe trip. Are you content spending your days wandering around museums, or do you prefer to be outdoors? Weather is a major aspect that you should consider while planning your trip to Europe. If you are willing to brace the cold winter temperatures you are sure to save a few bucks and enjoy less crowded sights. For travelers looking to soak up the sun, bear in mind that most Europeans are off for the month of August. Don’t forget that the temperatures in Europe can vary drastically and be sure to pack accordingly.

Unlike the weather, there are 3 main seasons for traveling in Europe— High, Low, and Shoulder. Each travel season has its advantages and disadvantages and will affect your experience traveling in Europe. Have a deeper look at the pros and cons of each season plus expert travel blogger advice below.