Budget City Guides In Paris

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 28, 2017
  3. Europe
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Paris is everything you imagine it to be–cultured,sophisticated,classy,romantic,beautiful,historic,and stylish.It is a destination written about more than any other;a place to fall in love and be in love.Budget city guides in Paris:

Paris city guide

Too many people dream of Paris but think it’s too expensive.Or they visit and blow their budget because they end up in the tourist areas,where everything is overpriced.But Paris is not expensive and can be easily done on any budget.I know.I’ve been there on as little as$20 a day and as much as$200 a day.Now,I used my personal experience to write this straightforward guidebook to one of my favorite cities so you can visit without breaking the bank.

This comprehensive guide features insider tips on places to eat,stay,and play.I’ll give you local,insider knowledge to help you get off the beaten path and into the little secret spots free of tourists.

This guide will help you break free from the crowds.From delicious food markets,to beautiful parks and architecture,to overlooked sights,you’ll get the best of Paris in one place.I love Paris and this guide will pass this love affair onto you by telling you the best things to see and do in this magical city.

Get lost in the Louvre

A behemoth of a museum,the Louvre has galleries and wings so vast you could easily spend a day feasting your eyes on treasures like the Mona Lisa,the Venus de Milo and Egyptian mummies–not to mention on the building itself,which sports sumptuous architecture erected and remodelled over the centuries by the rulers of France.When cultural overload sets in,take a breather in the CaféMollien at the top of the grand Mollien staircase.