Bryce Canyon to Grand Canyon South Rim,wonder of the natural places to visit

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Visitors to Bryce Canyon can enjoy a scenic drive to 13 viewpoints overlooking the canyon.Tourists can also enjoy hiking,snowshoeing,and cross-country skiing.And visitors to the Grand Canyon can enjoy the view from a popular viewpoint on the South Rim.To learn the basic information before your Bryce Canyon to Grand Canyon South Rim vacation on the site.

Bryce Canyon to Grand Canyon South Rim,wonder of the natural places to visit

Bryce Canyon,Utah,USA

In the southwestern part of Utah in the United States lies a wondrous work of erosion–Bryce Canyon.Despite its name,Bryce Canyon is an eroded natural amphitheater rather than a canyon.

The most notable features of Bryce Canyon are its“hoodoos”,or geological structures formed by harsh weather erosion caused by wind,ice and water.One of the hoodoos is called Thor’s Hammer because its shape resembles that of a hammer.

Bryce Canyon is close to both Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon,as well as the town of Kanab,Utah,where many visitors to the area choose to find accommodation.Lodging can also be found in Bryce Canyon National Park’s two campgrounds or its lodge.

Grand Canyon,Arizona,USA

The Grand Canyon is a spectacular destination beyond compare.Located within Grand Canyon National Park in the state of Arizona in the United States,the Grand Canyon is 277 miles(446 km)long,18 miles(29 km)wide,and over 6,000 feet(1,800 meters)deep.

The world heritage site and wonder of the natural world was carved by the Colorado River over an estimated 17 million years.Now,it tells two billion years of geological history through the layers exposed on its walls.

Rafting the Colorado River,or descending the walls of the canyon by hiking or horseback-riding are also popular activities.Helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon are also available for tourist willing to splurge.

The closest international airports to the Grand Canyon are in Las Vegas,Nevada;and Phoenix,Arizona.From there,visitors can reach the park by car.