Brussels Guides,Day Trips from Brussels

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 15, 2017
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If you're scheduling a Brussels family vacation,take our Brussels guides,have a nice day trips from Brussels is a good choose.In other destinations,the day-trips are usually considered a“plus”and only recommend if you have extra time,however,in Belgium there are some cities that are as important as Brussels.

Brussels Guides

To do these day trips we recommend spending the night in Brussels and taking an early train or bus to the city of interest.Since the following towns are so close to Brussels and are all relatively small,you’ll only need one day to explore them.Moreover,hotels are generally more expensive outside Brussels.

Day trips from Brussels


Bruges is a medieval fairy-tale town and Belgium’s most visited city with 7.8 million people exploring Bruges every year.


Ghent is a stunning medieval city not far from Brussels and one of Belgium’s favourite places to visit.Twenty per cent of its inhabitants are students,making it one of the liveliest cities in the country.