Brussels city sightseeing,Public Transport in Brussels

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 14, 2017
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Having a Brussels city sightseeing in this season is a good choose,and the public transport in Brussels you should to know before your trip as below.The public transport system in Brussels is quite efficient.Nevertheless,taking a tram or bus in the city is more complicated than it should be:there are very few maps and the connections aren’t as good as they should be,especially for a city that is considered the capital of Europe.

Brussels city sightseeing

Means of public transport


Although Brussels Metro doesn’t have many lines and sometimes you have to wait a while for a metro to pass,this means of transport will take you to all the top attractions in the city.


Brussels has a vast tram network that runs from the city centre to the outskirts.The tram lines in Belgium’s capital are one of the longest in the world.