Brussels City Guides,Family Travel In Brussels

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 21, 2017
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If you want to turn your back on the grey skies and end-of-year blues,then why not come and enjoy an enchanted winter in Brussels?City guides,family travel in Brussels may give you the unmissable experience.The days get shorter,the city centre's countless illuminations twinkle delightfully through the darkness,the(hot)chocolates line the historical streets and alleyways and warm up both hearts and hands.

Brussels City Guides

Marvel at the rides,the Winter Wonders giant Ferris wheel and the magical Christmas market.Let yourself be swept away by the magic of the giant Christmas tree and the sound and light show on the world's most beautiful square.Find that perfect Christmas present,spend the evenings snug and warm in the city's cosy cafés...There's everything you need to make your Christmas holidays in Brussels unforgettable.

Day Trips in Brussels

Bruges is a one-hour train ride from Brussels.This enchanted city is best enjoyed via guided boat ride along its extensive canal system.You will glide along the waterways with swans swimming by.If you are looking for another mode of transportation,flag a horse drawn carriage and ride around town in style.