Boston tour from NYC,travel around New York

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  2. On Jun 21, 2018
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To travel around New York in this Summer,just from Wall Street’s glistening skyscrapers and kaleidoscopic Times Square,to Central Park’s leafy paths and the Lower East Side’s ultra-hip bars,this iconic city is yours to explore.Book your Boston tour from NYC on the website with great discount.

NYC Insider Tip–NYC Limos

A popular New York City Car Service company is Carmel,and my personal favorite is Skyline,just because my family has known them for years.There’s hardly any difference in price or service,as NYC Limos,also called“black cars”or“town cars,”are very competitive.NYC Limos come in a variety of sizes and can be reserved to accommodate your party.Their rates tend to be very similar to taxi cabs,and sometimes,with online coupons and specials,even less.

Boston tour from NYC,travel around New York

New York City Taxis

Before you book your flight,note the large cost difference of taxi travel to and from Newark,New Jersey(EWR)in the chart below.Flights to New York are not that cheap when they charge you round trip tolls and a$17.50 fee just to leave NYC and enter New Jersey.Since a New York City Taxi is not allowed to pick up a return fare at Newark Airport,you are charged the returns tolls and an extra fee.I highly recommend New York City Limos,Airlink Shuttle or the PATH train for outbound travel to Newark Airport.

LGA–approx$40 metered rate each way,up to 4 people

JFK–approx$70 flat rate each way,up to 4 people

EWR–approx$95 metered rate inbound,extra fees outbound,4 ppl

New York City Airport Shuttles

Airport Shuttle Buses charge per person,while taxis and NYC Limos are one rate for up to 4 people(or more for larger limos).

Rates for Airport Shuttles start around$16 per person and you do not have to pay tolls or round trip fares,so it is possible you will save money over a taxi or limo if your party has less than 4 people.

Additionally,Airport Shuttles may make a lot of stops both to and from the airport,so make sure to allot extra time each way.Also note,taxi vans that hold 6 people are sometimes available at the airports and cost the same rates as regular taxis.