best way to get to Antelope Canyon, Visit Antelope Canyon on your trip to US

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  2. On Apr 16, 2018
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Visit Antelope Canyon on your trip to US, learn the best way to get to Antelope Canyon with our travel guides. One of the most-photographed slot canyons in the world, Antelope Canyon offers sandstone scenery and vantage points you can't find elsewhere. At Horseshoe Bend, on the Colorado River, admire its rock formation and interesting markings.

Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon ended up being a mass tourism spot. Anticipate a congested location and completely scheduled midday trips from April up until September. It’s even worse throughout peak months (June, July, and August), when the light is just best. Midday tours are jammed throughout the season.

best way to get to Antelope Canyon

You have to choose between a congested location with the magical beams throughout the season (end of March – early October) or less tourists without the beams in off-season (mid-October – mid-March). You may also schedule a less busy tour in the morning without the beams in ‘light beams season’.

You can still take excellent photos despite the time of day. Another option is Lower Antelope Canyon: Larger location, difficult ladder climbing, less beams however also fewer crowds. Nevertheless, Lower Canyon became more busy as well recently. Schedule mid-week and try to go in the shoulder months (April or September).

Best Time to Visit Antelope Canyon: Visiting in Winter

Even in winter season, prevent weekends if you visit Upper Antelope Canyon. It’s less hectic mid-week. For a lot more privacy: Visit Lower Antelope Canyon. It’s quiet during off season and although there are no light beams, the colors are lovely. Check the weather forecast and go between 10 and 11 AM.

Weather Condition / Environment

Temperature smart, you can visit any time of the year. In the winter it’s much quieter (see above) but likewise freezing cold sometimes. In the warm summer months thunderstorms can happen during ‘Arizona’s Monsoon Season’: From approximately mid-June till mid-September. Thunderstorms are typically afternoon thundershowers and more wind and lightning than rain. But still, unsafe flash floods are possible.