Antelope Canyon is located in Northern Arizona near Glen Canyon NRA.To arrange your Antelope Canyon holiday by our tips on the site,such as best way to get to Antelope Canyon,the travel guide in detail.A Navajo Tribal Park,Antelope Canyon is only a few minutes drive from Page,AZ and is the areas second most popular tourist destination next to Lake Powell.The Park was created to protect and showcase one of the worlds most amazing slot canyons.Antelope Canyon is known for its beautifully colored swirling sandstone,and the amazing shafts of light you see when the sun is overhead.Antelope Canyon is actually two different slot canyon.Upper Antelope Canyon is by far the most visited,mainly because it is a short easy walk along the sandy canyon floor.Lower Antelope Canyon,which is only about a few miles away,is also breathtaking,but the walk is a little more physically demanding.

best way to get to Antelope Canyon,Basic information for traveler to Antelope Canyon

How do you get to Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon Airports-The closest airport to Antelope Canyon is right down the road in the city of Page,which has flights to Denver and Phoenix.Flagstaff Arizona has a small airport with daily flights and a drive time of about 2.5 hours from Page.The closest major airports are Phoenix and Las Vegas International Airports,both of which are about 5 hours from Page.

Antelope Canyon Car Rentals-There is several car rental agencies in Page Arizona,which is only a few minutes from Antelope Canyon.You can also pick one up at any major airport you fly into.

Antelope Canyon Shuttles-There are a few companies that offer shuttles to Page from other cities,but local tour companies will pick you up at your hotel and drop you off when your trip to Antelope Canyon is finished.

Antelope Canyon Fees and Other Costs

There is a$6 entry fee to get into the park,and an additional fee for the tour.If you drive to the park yourself its is typically$20.If you go with a tour company that picks you up at your hotel it will cost more.

Antelope Canyon Weather and Climate

Summer near Antelope Canyon is hot,while spring and fall are pleasant and winter is coll.The weather in the Canyon itself however can be much cooler than the temperatures out in the desert sun,so be prepared especially if you go early in the morning,or during the cooler season.