Best Time to Visit Rome,Rome Weather&Temperature by Month

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jul 25, 2017
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When's the best time to visit Rome?What about the Rome weather&temperature by month?Which season is best for a family vacation there?

Best Time to Visit Rome

January is the coldest month of the year in Rome with chilly temperatures of 37°F(3°C)and 55°F(13°C)for the average low and average high temperatures respectively.The cold climate is matched by 6 hours of daily sunshine–the lowest levels of sunlight in the year.

In February,the high temperature averages increase by a few degrees to 57°F(14°C).In contrast,the average low temperatures hold steady at cold 37°F(3°C).

March is beautiful in Romewith temperatures beginning to get warmer faster.The average high and average low temperatures range between 63°F(17°C)and 43°F(6°C).Rainfall is low in March with precipitation rates barely hitting 19 mm.

In April,the average high temperatures rise further to 68°F(20°C).The warmer days are matched by beautiful sunny days averaging 10 hours of sunshine.

Rome Weather in May:The final month of spring comes in May along with a high temperature average of 75°F(24°C).Low temperatures measure in at 55°F(13°C).

In June,the average high temperature rises by nearly 10 degrees to 84°F(29°C)as summer arrives in Rome.Meanwhile,the average low temperature also rises significantly to 63°F(17°C).