Best Time to Visit Frankfurt-Best Month to Holiday in Frankfurt

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 28, 2017
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This page is about the best month to holiday in Frankfurt,best time to visit Frankfurt.Frankfurt's climate is mild,and temperature extremes are rare.Winters are as chilly as one would expect for this part of Europe,and snow is not uncommon between December and February.The summer months of June through August are typically warm,but rarely uncomfortably hot,and there is usually plenty of sunshine and some rain.Spring and autumn in Frankfurt are generally mild and damp but can be pleasant times to see the city.Festivals and cultural events take place throughout the year in Frankfurt,and its excellent facilities make the city a popular destination for conferences and trade fairs.It is a good idea to book hotel accommodations in advance at any time of year in Frankfurt,because business visitors attending major trade events can deplete available hotels.

Best Time to Visit Frankfurt

Christmas Markets

Perhaps the best time to visit Frankfurt is during December,when the city is alive with the sights,sounds and wonderful smells of the winter markets.The streets are strung with Christmas lights,traditional Christmas tunes fill the air and the city´s public squares are filled with market stalls selling handicrafts,toys,plants and all kinds of wonderful treats to eat and drink.The handsome churches and city hall are glisten when capped with fresh snow,and the markets are a wonderful way to make Christmas shopping seem like a joy rather than a chore.The best time to see the markets is early evening when you can order a steaming mug of hot spiced wine known as gluhwein and sample chocolates,biscuits,sausages and cheeses as you leisurely stroll along,deciding what to purchase.Christmas and New Year's are major holidays in Frankfurt and are popular times to visit the city.Hotel rates are higher at this time of year but you still should be prepared to book accommodation in advance.

Summer Fun

Frankfurt is not a key destination for sun seekers,but summers are pleasantly warm and sunny.Summer is a time for festivals and lively cultural events,the biggest of which is the Summer in the City Music Festival,held each August.Lively folk festivals,celebrating traditional German culture,take place throughout the summer and are usually fun,alcohol-fuelled events that see people casting aside restrained personalities in favor of partying on a grand scale.Warmer weather means there is plenty of opportunity to see the sights of Frankfurt and the time to enjoy the city´s parks and gardens as well as enjoy a meal or a drink in a beer garden.June through August is high season for tourists,so expect long lines and limited hotel availability.

Spring and Autumn

Visitors who enjoy cooler temperatures will find spring and autumn pleasant times to visit Frankfurt.There are fewer tourists and business travelers in the city,so accommodations are more readily available and the city´s excellent museums and galleries are less crowded.While November through March are typically cold,the arrival of the warmer weather in April is greeted with various lively festivals.This is also a time when the city´s parks and gardens begin to come alive with color.Oktoberfest,possibly Germany´s most famous festival,is marked with lively events at locations across the city and offers local music,dance,food and--of course--beer.