Best Time to Visit Frankfurt

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 28, 2017
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When Is the best time of year to visit Frankfurt?It must be the question you're interested in.Follow the Frankfurt tours guides:

Best Time to Visit Frankfurt

There is not really a time when Germany must be avoided.Temperatures in high summer(July/August)can go up to 95 F/35 C,but can also be as low as 68 F/20 C,with the likelihood of rain being lowest.In the winter(December/January)temperatures will be somewhere between 59 F/15 C and 14 F/-10 C,very much depending on where you go.There will most likely be no snow in north Germany,the closer you get to the Alps the higher the likelihood of snow and very low temperatures will get.I would personally avoid Germany in late October/November and in February/March as it can be quite depressing to walk around in the very likely rain.December might be cold but still draws a lot of tourists because of the christmas markets,whereas travelling times between May and September will provide the best chance for nice weather.German summer holidays take place between mid-July and early September so some resorts might be a bit more crowded then,even though most German sights never really get overcrowded in an Adriatic beach kind of way).

As well known as Oktoberfest might be,please note that it actually takes place in September(don't ask me why)and only in Munich which leaves a lot of non-beer-drinking German space for interested tourists.Even Munich is accessible then,because the Oktoberfest takes place in a single part of the city(I've lived there for a year and hardly took note of the fest itself),but you might have a hard time finding a hotel there during the festival.

There is no period where ALL Germany go away for holidays(not like in France where almost all the people who want to go on vacation do it in the same time),and there is rarely a predictable period with especially tourist-friendly weather...except maybe early autumn.In November the weather turns really grey and cold with rain and fog and ocasional snow,but there are also very nice days and anyway,in the end of November the Christmas markets start.

Best Time to Visit Frankfurt

May or Sept-Oct would have warm weather and fewer people at major tourist destinations.Oktoberfest(mainly in late Sept)itself is only in Munich,of course other areas may have other similar celebrations on a smaller scale.In many places you can visit excellant interesting places any time of the year without excessive numbers of tourists.May is one of my favorite months because the chestnut trees will be blooming in the beer gardens and there will be special multipage asparagus menus and the flowering trees on the hillsides in some areas(e.g.Rems Valley east of Stuttgart)are the equal of any scenery in the world.

February is a good month to visit to see Neuschwanstein Castle in the snow and the carnival-related events.The Narrensprung in Rottweil is Allemannic carnival at its best,and the Guggenmusik festival in Schwaebisch Gmuend is wonderful with the colorful elaborately dressed bands and the different music.Salzburg at that time of year is also delightful.You will see few tourists at any of the major sights,and this is when we prefer to visit them.Although of course its winter,but it isn't neccessarily that cold or snowy.