Best Time To Go to Iceland, Iceland tour packages

  1. By lisa
  2. On Nov 26, 2018
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Iceland, depending on when you visit, the Land of Fire and Ice might be drenched in a deep-red midnight sun—or lit by the flickering aurora borealis during otherwise dark winter days. To find the Iceland tour packages on the site.

Best Time To Go to Iceland

Travel between June and August tends to be the most popular with visitors. June offers 24 hours of Arctic daylight, while July and August are the warmest months, offering the best chances for good weather.


Travel between mid-September and mid-October is perhaps the most ideal, as you’ll miss the swell of high-season tourist traffic, sneak in before snowfall blankets the trails, and have a solid chance of seeing the northern lights.

Although winter weather can be an impediment, and the narrow window of daylight can shorten your sightseeing, excellent deals can be scored during the off-season.

Weather in Iceland


Iceland is continuously subjected to the fickle weather of the North Atlantic, and travelers should pack for all four seasons no matter the time of year. Summertime can reach levels of T-shirt comfort, while many visitors are surprised to discover that winter temperatures may be milder than America’s northeast.

But don’t underestimate the wind factor: it’s the key element that can transform a sunny day into a bitterly cold one. Weather patterns are always changing—a beautiful day on the western coast of the island could mean ravaging storms in the east. That’s why Icelanders are famous for saying, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” The country’s winds can transform the weather more than a dozen times in a single day.