Best Time to Go Paris,Best Season to Visit Paris

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 28, 2017
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It's always the best time to go to Paris,whether your calendar is tight and your choices are limited,there’s never a reason not to go,even it’s fashion week or it’s August or there’s a national holiday.Each month has its particular pros and cons(e.g.February:dismal weather but far fewer tourists),and the only two particular periods when planning really changes are Christmas/New Year’s and the month of August.Many shops and restaurants are closed in August,but on the other hand,the city has far less traffic,and although the Opéra de Paris is out of season,there are a multitude of smaller concerts and cultural events laid on for those who haven’t left on holiday.At the other end of the calendar,Christmas/New Year’s is one of the prettiest times in the city,which is already beautifully lit even before the seasonal lights go up,but it’s important to be aware of Christmas/New Year’s closing times,expensive set menus in restaurants on Dec 31,and the sheer difficulty of getting around the city that evening.

Best Time to Go Paris

March to May:Paris comes alive in spring with beautiful flora all around.February to April is excellent for outdoor activities like cycling,walking,picnics and more.This is the peak season for tourists visiting Paris as the weather is at its best.

June to August:Summer time in Paris is when the city receives more than eight hours of sunshine daily.However,there can be unexpected showers so remember to carry a folding umbrella with you at all times.Light cotton clothes,hats,sunscreen,sunglasses and a bottle of water are some other things you need to carry if travelling to Paris between June and August.

September to December:September to December is autumn time in Paris.The average temperature is between 10-15°C and the nights are cooler.

December to February:The temperature during these months can drop to 1°C and Paris can be pretty cold.If you do plan to visit during this time,be sure to pack enough heavy woollens to help you brave the cold.