Best Time for Paris Family Vacation

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 24, 2017
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Planning to visit paris next year with my family,some information about the best time for Paris Family Vacation is what i need.And I'd like to share the Paris travel tips with you as below:

Best Time for Paris Family Vacation

Best Time for Disneyland Paris

As a rule,crowds at Disneyland will be heaviest whenever school is not in session–not only in the summer months and around Christmas,but also on weekends and during the end of October,when many European schools go on break.The best times for shorter lines and lighter crowds are midweek(Tuesday through Thursday)from mid-January through mid-March and mid-April through mid-May.Lines will be shortest in the winter months but you’ll find colder weather and some rides closed for renovation in the off-season–usually no more than 2 or 3 at a time.If you must make the trip during peak periods,your best bet is to go midweek during the February/March school break,as many French families opt for ski trips over theme parks at this time of year.

Best time to Visit Versailles

Expect crowds at Versailles to be at their most dense during the summer months and on weekends and Tuesdays during spring and fall.During these busy times,plan to visit early in the day–the 9am-10am hour sees thinner crowds even on the most highly-attended days.Pre-purchasing your tickets(or a Paris Museum Pass)online will allow you to bypass the admission queue,though there’s no way to skip the security checkpoint.Those visitors who are particularly interested in experiencing Versailles’spectacular gardens would do well to avoid the winter months,when the statues are covered and fountains are turned off.Versailles is closed on 1 January,1 May,25 December,and Mondays year-round.

Best Time for Paris Family Vacation

Best Time for Museums

January and February are wonderful months for visiting Paris museums and galleries,as the midwinter dip in tourism brings shorter queues and lighter crowds.Travelers at any time of the year can save money and forego admission lines altogether by purchasing a Paris Museum Pass,which grants unlimited access to over 50 museums and monuments in and around the city.To experience the exhibits without being mobbed,consider visiting at night–most museums and galleries are open during evening hours at least once a week,and crowds tend to thin after sundown.Additionally,many museums in Paris offer free admission on the first Sunday of each month–a great deal for those wanting to see art and artifacts on the cheap,but be aware that galleries may be especially crowded on these days.