Best Things to Do in Madrid

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 30, 2017
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Where to Stay in Madrid?Madrid,the city which full of the world-class Prado Museum displays an endless array of masterpieces created during the Golden Age of Spain,and the 18th-century Royal Palace rivals Versailles.Save energy for the evening when the city really comes to life.

Best Things to Do in Madrid

Goya Frescoes at Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida

Along the banks of the Manzanares River,the Hermitage of San Antonio de la Florida is an important historic pilgrimage site.This church still hosts an annual festival in honor of Saint Anthony of Padua.Those who appreciate the art work of Francisco de Goya will want to take a look inside the chapel.The interior is decorated with frescoes by Goya,which are among his finest works.The frescoes illustrate the theme of the miracle performed by Saint Anthony,while also depicting scenes of everyday life in Madrid.The frescoes reveal Goya's boldness of artistic style and revolutionary painting techniques.They were painted at a turning point in Goya's career and are considered a precursor of modern painting.The chapel is designated a national monument and is no longer used for religious services to protect the frescoes.

Address:Glorieta San Antonio de la Florida,Madrid

Impressive Religious Art at the Basilica de San Francisco

The Church of San Francisco el Grande was built in 1761 for a Franciscan friary.The church was designed by Fray Francisco Cabezas,who modeled the architectural plan on the Church of Santa Maria in Campitelli in Rome.The Neoclassical facade and dome were added in 1770.The interior features a circular plan with an inspiring dome and six chapels.The chapels display paintings by Maella,Velázquez,and Goya.In the first chapel on the left are Goya's San Bernardino,and Velázquez's Saint Bonaventure and The Appearance of the Virgin to Saint Anthony.The church also contains a painting of Saint Bonaventure by Zurbarán.The church museum displays a variety of religious art and artifacts.

Address:Plaza de San Francisco el Grande,Madrid