Best Things to Do in London day trip in London

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 17, 2018
  3. Europe
  4. Travel Tips

Arrange your day trip in London, you can book the discounted tours or drive by yourself and travel around by our tips on the site. And the guide about the best things to do in London as below.

Don’t feed the pigeons

Not only does scattering crumbs on the ground cause irritating and slightly scary flocks of pigeons to swoop towards humans, it’s also a punishable crime. Get caught feeding Trafalgar Square's birds and you risk a £500 fine from the City of Westminster. A heavy price to pay for wanting to recreate the bird lady scene from ‘Mary Poppins’.

Go independent

London is full of talented creatives, chefs and artists who are competing with the big chains to make a living. Whether you’re after coffee, fashion, gifts or gigs, if you want to find out what Londoners can really do, seek out the independents.

Leave London

Don’t get us wrong, we’re the first to sing London’s praises but even we need to escape the city once in a while. The good news is the rest of the UK isn’t so bad either. Feeling like you need to get the hell outta town? Go on a day trip, head for the beach or book a hotel and make it a weekend getaway.

Choose your accommodation wisely

Want to book a romantic break, a sesh with the lads/girls or a family getaway? Each requires a different kind of accommodation, so don’t let your trip be ruined by picking the wrong option. Check out the best hotels and Airbnbs, so you don’t get stuck with mediocre digs out in the deepest darkest depths of Zone Six.