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Frankfurt is Germany's fifth-largest city with a population of about 730,000 and serves as the administrative and cultural center of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan region.The city holds an important place in European economic life as the location of the European Central Bank’s headquarters.The city combines old and new in its neighborhoods,which include historic districts like the Altstadt,or Old Town,blending into modern business zones lined with towering skyscrapers.Here are the best things to do in Frankfurt,Germany.Best things to do in Frankfurt,top attractions,routes&maps‎.

Best Things To Do In Frankfurt

Berger Strasse

Berger Strasse,or Berger Street,is Frankfurt’s longest road,a path that runs for 3 kilometers through several of the city’s neighborhoods,including Merianplatz and Bornheim.The street is a lively one covered in restaurants and boutique shops.Cafés and pubs line the pathway with outdoor seating in the spring and summer,and tourists and locals regularly enjoy strolls up and down the Strasse.The area in Merianplatz is trendy and upscale,while upper Berger Strasse has an Old World feel,as the road is peppered with original wooden buildings constructed in the 1600s.This part of the road runs through the Bornheim neighborhood,which is known for its cobblestone walkways and historic clock tower.

Eschenheimer Turm,Frankfurt,Germany

In a city of contemporary high rises with modern,clean lines,the Eschenheimer Turm certainly stands out as a piece of the distant past.This medieval tower,which was built in the early 15th century as part of a much larger fortification structure,sits unexpectedly in the middle of Frankfurt’s bustling downtown.In the 19th century,most of the fortress was demolished as it was no longer being used for military defense,but pleas from Count d'Hédouville,the French ambassador at the time,saved the Eschenheimer Turm from a similar fate.Today,the 47-meter-high tower is an important city landmark,and its ground floor even contains a bar and restaurant.

Best Things To Do In Frankfurt

Frankfurter Romer,Frankfurt,Germany

The Frankfurter Römer is the name of Frankfurt’s city hall,and the beautiful building in which it is housed has been inspiring awe throughout the city since its construction 600 years ago,in 1405.The Römer’s most famous façade is on its eastern side facing the Old St.Nicholas Church across a large pedestrian square in the city’s Altstadt,or Old Town.The grandeur of the structure comes from the fact that it was the property of a wealthy merchant family before becoming an administrative municipal building.The inside still fulfills this function,so unfortunately,the Römer’s beautiful interiors are not on display as a museum.Still,nearly all who come to the city rush to see this iconic piece of Frankfurt history.