Best Things To Do in Berlin

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 17, 2017
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You may interested in the Berlin's travel guides before your vacation.Best things to do in Berlin offered for you here.Berlin's history of battling ideologies makes for some of the most fascinating sightseeing in Europe.Explore the remnants of the Berlin Wall,the glorious dome atop the Reichstag(Parliament Building)or the peaceful greenery in Tiergarten.You can also take a walking or bicycle tour and marvel at the vast historical,architectural and natural sights.If you tend to enjoy what UNESCO names World Heritage sites,don't miss Museum Island.How we rank Things to Do.

Best Things To Do in Berlin

Comfort food at Brammibal’s Donuts

In full view of the picturesque Landwehr Canal,Brammibal’s Donuts has been providing completely plant-based treats to Kreuzberg’s hungry masses since the popularity of their product forced them to evolve from a quaint street stall to a true brick-and-mortar location.They offer a range of awesome donuts,like the sweet-and-savory Salted Caramel Hazelnut,or their light and airy Banana Peanut Fudge.They also have an eclectic vegan brunch and lunch menu including grilled cheese sandwiches,french toast,and heaving breakfast plates loaded with goodies.

Relax,shop and eat at Valladares Feinkost

Tucked away on a serene side street in the quiet district of Moabit,Valladares Feinkost is a triple threat–an entirely vegan cafe,a restaurant,and a mini grocery store all rolled into one.They offer creative dishes like BBQ pulled jackfruit burgers and seitan kebabs so expertly crafted that meat-eaters would hardly know the difference.Other comforting favourites like hot dogs and burritos are also on the menu,along with the usual cafe fare of cakes,coffees and bagels.