Best places to stay in Lisbon

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 5, 2017
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Planning your Lisbon holiday now?Information about the best places to stay in Lisbon may help you to prepare the travel.Unfolding over seven hills,the Portuguese capital spoils its visitors with viewpoints aplenty.The rugged landscape has you wandering from secluded courtyards overlooking medieval quarters to terraces where you can take in the whole city.

Best places to stay in Lisbon

The whole city from the top of a shopping mall

The classic miradouros(viewpoints)in the old part of the city are the most sought-out for capturing the postcard-perfect image of Lisbon.But from the Amoreiras 360 Panoramic View(,on the rooftop of the Amoreiras Shopping Mall,you have the whole Portuguese capital at your feet.Get whisked up for 15 minutes and enjoy a completely unobstructed view that takes in old and new Lisbon.

A garden overlooking Baixa

The Jardim do Torel(Rua Júlio de Andrade)is a former 19th-century private garden with a playful,quirky personality.Its unusual chaise-longue-style park benches make the most of the soft slope,becoming an open-armed invitation to sit and relax in one of Lisbon's quietest green spaces.It offers a lovely view of the Praça dos Restauradores in the Baixa quarter,just a couple of minutes from the Ascensor da Lavra.