Best places to stay in Brussels

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 14, 2017
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Planning the travel to Brussels during this winter?Let's talk about the Best places to stay in Brussels.Despite Brussels being considered the capital of Europe,accommodation in Belgium's capital is more afforadable than other major cities in the EU,like Paris or London.

Best places to stay in Brussels

Best places to stay in Brussels

Since the city centre of Brussels is relatively small,it is easier to choose where to stay compared to other larger European capitals.In our opinion the best area in Brussels is near La Grand Place.In this neighborhood you'll find the city's main attractions,shopping streets and a great selection of restaurants.In addition,this is where you’ll find the best atmosphere and where the best nightlife is.

If you don’t find accommodation near La Grand Place or find it too expensive,we recommend selecting a hotel near any metro station.

If you are travelling on business,you will probably prefer to find accommodation in the European Quarter,so that you are in the Business District.

Cheap hotels in Brussels

If you book in advance you can find a double room in a mid-range centrally located hotel for 60€per night.

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