Schedule your best Paris city break,how to make travel destinations fun for the family?When you’re a parent who lives to travel,one of life’s biggest challenges is to come up with family vacations that are sophisticated enough for you,yet kid-friendly enough for your holiday.

Paris tours

Learn to cook

We’ve always loved macarons.So this summer we learned how to make them with Cook’n With Class in Montmartre.Our kids were involved in every step,from preparing the dough and fillings to final assembly—and,best of all,they got to take home everything that they made.Whether you’re into pizza,baguettes or pastries,you can find a cooking class for it in Paris.And it doesn’t even take up a whole day—a short course is a perfect morning or afternoon activity.


If you find a class that looks great for your family but is geared to adults,ask the school if they can offer you a kid-friendly version.

Become regulars

On Rue de Grenelle near Champs de Mars there is a little Italian restaurant.We’ve eaten there six times over the past two summers,and every time is better.When they see us they seat us right away.They anticipate the kids’drinks.They give us extra appetizers,sweets,and after-dinner liquors at no cost.We always get the same waiter and expand on our conversations each time,as much as possible in French.It makes for a much better experience than simply being one-time visitors.The same holds at boulangeries,where the lovely lady behind the counter would anticipate our pain au chocolat order every morning,or at the local fresh fruit market,where they gave us frequent discounts for not-really-noticeable produce blemishes—but only after we had gone there several times.