Best of Niagara Falls Ontario Tourism,Niagara Falls Travel Tips!

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Apr 25, 2017
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Just come to Niagara Falls Ontario tourism,seeing is believing,spectacular views,friendly locals,beautiful scenery,doesn't get any better than that!Absolutely incredible natural wonder with plenty of interesting attractions around.Try to arrive early to avoid the crowds!Read some Niagara Falls travel tips may help your east coast trip.

Massive Awsome Falls

The Niagara Falls from any distance are awesome.There are several different vantage points to see the falls from about 3 different levels plus from the river itself.Definitely worth the visit and exploring.Get as close as you can to see the magnitude and volume of the fast running water.The closer you get the more mist that naturally comes onto the oath.The Canadian view is absolutely awesome of all 3 falls.Be sure to get out at night to see the beauty of the falls with varied colors of lights.We were there with a full moon and it was spectacular.

Niagara Falls Ontario Tourism

Great getaway

We had a great time,the views were amazing and the attractions we were able to get to were fabulous.The weather was not on our side.I definitely recommend going during the summer!The is/was a lot of construction going on so besides the orange cones and machines everything was beautiful.

No matter how many times we visit we are always thrilled with the wonder of"the Falls".The entire area is enjoyable and very clean.The drive down the gorge to Niagara on the Lake is also lovely and has many interesting and historical sites to visit along the way.Something for everyone here.

It is worth a trip to see the beauty of the falls and how magnificent they really are up close and in person.There is plenty to keep you busy in the area around the falls and is fun for friends,family,couples,and solo travelers alike!

Niagara Falls Ontario Tourism

Wonder to Behold

This is truly a wonder of the world that everyone should see at least once.It's so amazing to see how the water just falls continuously crashing against the rocks.It is free to visit if you don't want to take a tour bus you can drive and walk around the wall which feels like a mile long.