Best of London,Best Places to Visit In London

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 11, 2017
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"When a man is tired of London,he is tired of life;for there is in London all that life can afford."More than two centuries have passed since Johnson's era,but his words still ring true.Life in London is nothing short of invigorating,and travelers find that one visit isn't enou

Best Places to Visit In London

The antiquated clasps hands with the contemporary.You'll find the historic Tower of London and the avant-garde Tate Modern both considered big must-sees.Shakespeare's sonnets are still being uttered by actors who don modern garb.Londoners most certainly still respect the royals,but they also jam to the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Adele.And while they still praise the power of tea,they now make room for some Starbucks here and there,and pressed juice too.A current leader in everything from politics and banking to fashion and music,London's culture compass is always attuned to what's next.

Best Things to Do in London

#1 British Museum

One of London's top free attractions,and considered its top museum by many,the British Museum is both an architectural beauty and a trove of some of the world's most noted antiquities.From the Rosetta Stone to the Elgin Marbles to the Lindow Man,the British Museum is a history buff's treasure trove containing artifacts in the millions.The immense collection can make an initial museum visit seem overwhelming:Pick the exhibits that most interest you,and plan return trips if you feel so inclined.

Recent travelers are impressed with the British Museum;some saying it is the best museum they've ever toured.If you're not an antiquities enthusiast,you might not want to spend all day here,but visitors say it's still worth even a brief look around as there is just so much to learn.The museum is open from 10 5:30 p.m.from Saturday till Thursday,but stays open till 8:30 on Fridays.Though admission is free,some exhibitions come with an extra fee.The British Museum is accessible from the Tottenham Court Road,Holborn and Russell Square Tube stops.