If you are looking for some great places in Frankfurt,except the city and some common spots,such as special museums,head to the river Main,which runs through Frankfurt's city center and is lined on both sides by some of best museums in Germany.The area is called Museumsufer(Museum riverbank)and you can buy a Museumsufer-Ticket for€18.00 which offers admission to 33 exhibition locations in Frankfurt.Some meaningful weekend or summer holiday vacation for family with kids in Frankfurt:

Frankfurt Tours

Experiminta Science and Technology Center

Frankfurt’s science and technology center is a great place to spend a rainy day:The museum offers a wealth of interactive exhibits and hands-on workshops for busy hands and curious minds;young visitors can get inside a huge soap bubble,watch races with miniature solar cars,or explore the inside of a giant eye ball to understand the physics of human vision.

Address:Hamburger Allee 22,60486 Frankfurt am Main

Städel Museum

(Address:Schaumainkai 63 60596 Frankfurt am Main)

Set on the riverbank,this fine art museum is home to one of Germany’s most important collections of the old masters.The St?del,which is often compared to the Louvre in Paris,gives a fascinating overview of seven hundred years of European art history,from the 14th century all the way to the 20th century.You will see masterworks by Dürer,Botticelli,Rembrandt,Vermeer,Degas,Matisse,Monet,Renoir,Picasso,Kirchner,Beckmann,Klee,Bacon,Richter and Kippenberger.


Museum fuer Moderne Kunst Frankfurt

(Address:Domstra?e 10,60311 Frankfurt am Main)

Frankfurt's Museum of Modern Art is not only famous for its extensive collection,which focuses on international art since the 1960 and presents masterworks by Roy Lichtenstein,Joseph Beuys,Andy Warhol,and Gerhardt Richter,but also for its impressive architecture.Designed by the Viennese architect Hans Hollering,the museum has a triangular shape and is called"the slice of cake"by locals.Opened in 1991,the collections include over 5,000 works of international art.

German Film Museum

(Address:Schaumainkai 41,60596 Frankfurt am Main)

Film buffs shouldn’t miss the Deutsches Filmmuseum(German Film Museum),located on Frankfurt’s river bank.The museum explores the art and history of the moving picture,from its early beginnings with the laterna magica and camera obscura,to the replica studios and special effects of the today's movie industry.

There are lots of hands-on exhibits too;you can re-enact a car chase or take a magic carpet ride over Frankfurt with the help of a blue screen.And of course there’s a movie theatre,which presents all movies in its original version.