Best Hotel Bets in Paris

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 28, 2017
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Paris,its nickname,the City of Light,comes from its reputation as a center of education and ideas and its early adoption of street lighting,is a good place for a romantic holiday.Add Paris and other destinations in France to your travel plans.Useful information about the best hotel bets in Paris for you.

Best Hotel Bets in Paris

Best view:You won’t want to get up in the morning at Hôtel Brighton;you’ll be happy just staying in bed and gazing at the panorama,which,depending on the room you stay in,might include the Louvre,Tuileries gardens,or Eiffel Tower.

Best for families:Right by the Bois de Vincennes(the city’s eastern park,an ideal spot for a family picnic),Hôtel de la Porte Dorée offers pretty rooms at very affordable rates and caters to kids with free crayons,toys,and cots.

Best splurge:It’s hard to say whether the decor is modern or period at Relais St-Germain,but it doesn’t really matter,because it’s simply beautiful.Dark wood,plush fabrics,and priority seating at the coveted Le Comptoir du Relais downstairs.