Best Family Vacations in Rome,Where to Live During Your Rome Holiday?

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jul 26, 2017
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Where to live during the Rome holiday?Best family vacations in Rome,and affordable hotels&inn recommended.

Best Family Vacations in Rome

The Hassler

The Hassler is one of the top romantic hotels in Italy,offering views of the famous Spanish Steps.Home to the luxury Amorvero Spa,the hotel is a relaxing oasis in the historic center.You will be within walking distance of the Trevi Fountain and boutique shops along Via Condotti.Choose from 96 individually decorated rooms and suites with garden and city views.All guest accommodations have stylish marble bathrooms and hand picked art and furniture.Grand Deluxe rooms are ideal for couples who desire more space.They feature a separate sitting area,walk-in closet,private balcony or gazebo.The property has its own custom fragrance line,called Amorvero,which translates to"true love."

Specialty suites include Presidential Suite,a romantic corner suite which overlooks the Spanish Steps.The suite has floor-to-ceiling windows with balconies,perfect for enjoying some of the best city views.The Penthouse Villa Medici suite,situated on the 7th floor,has been recently completely renovated.It has a huge private terrace with panoramic views.The Penthouse is a brand new suite on the 8th floor.It has two panoramic terraces,a private elevator,a grand piano,a full kitchen and staff area.Every part of the suite,including the bathrooms,has spectacular views of the city.Located on the 6th floor,the restaurant attracts locals and visitors alike.Celebrate a special occasion with gourmet food,fine wine and soft music which plays in the background.You can see many of the famous landmarks from the restaurant,including the Pantheon,Sant'Angelo's Castle and the Borghese gardens.

the Pantheon

Located in the center of modern Rome,the Pantheon is a well preserved example of the ingenuity of ancient Roman architecture.The building is circular with a diameter of 142 feet and has a dome which follows the contours of a perfect sphere.Archaeologists believe that the dome was constructed by pouring a mixture of concrete into a temporary wooden template.In order to be able to support the dome,the walls are nearly 20 feet thick.The landmark is located in Piazza della Rotonda,fronted by a fountain with an obelisk at its center and an open air cafe.Piazza Navona is only a few minutes away.The entrance to the structure is through granite columns.The giant dome has a single opening in its center,which provides light to the interior.There is a marble floor of ancient Roman origin,and houses tombs of Raphael and Victor Emmanuel II.The attraction is open to visitors most days and Sunday mornings,except on certain holidays.

Best Family Vacations in Rome

the Saint Angelo Castle

Saint Angelo Castle is a massive structure situated on the banks of the Tiber river.The castle is connected to the Vatican Palace through the Vatican Corridor because it was used by popes as a fortress in times of uncertainty.Today,there is a museum inside the complex exhibiting objects from the castle's 2,000-year history.After visiting the famous Vatican Museums you can walk to the castle or take a cab.Unless you really like to walk,the walk from the main square is not particularly interesting,so taking a cab is a better option.You can save your strength for exploring the inside of the castle and enjoying views from the bridge.You don’t have to enter the museum to get a good view since the bridge leading up to it is open to pedestrians.

The bridge is lined with giant angel statues,and an even more massive angel sits on top of the fortress,no doubt placed there as a symbol of protection for when the city was in trouble from invaders.The fortress has no windows which made it more easily defendable.Enjoy scenic views up and down the river during your approach to the castle.The fortress was built initially as Roman Emperor Hadrian's mausoleum in the 2nd century.Later,the structure was fortified and used as a fortress.If you enter the museum,you can also enjoy a spectacular view from the castle's terrace.For more information,can call+39-06-6875036.There aren’t many restaurants nearby,so once you are done exploring this area,you can take a cab back to your hotel or the Spanish Steps to find and outdoor caféfor a light snack,or a gourmet restaurant.